Women on a mission

Today it’s the 8th March, the International Women’s Day. Here, in Cameroon, we celebrate the 33rd edition on the theme « fight against discrimination towards women, strengthen the partnership for a sustainable development ». The current week has been full of activities such as conferences, round tables, donations and the parade today.

Women parade to militate for equity, equality of chances and more representativeness in all the domains so as to put their stone effectively for the construction of sustainable development with men.

The objectives and messages transmitted are always full of sense.

Women unfortunately tend to forget the real target and find themselves eating, drinking and dancing without moderation. It’s an occasion for most of them to show up their best outfits and their particularity due to this day. Everybody can relate the break news.

I have personally chosen to take this day not to go out and have fun but really to think, pray and meditate. I have completed this 3-days plan « Women on a mission » in one stroke. I y’all recommend it. It has solidified the interest I have always accorded to the vocation, the role model and the solidarity.

I firmly believe that God created us for a special purpose that we have to find by listening to Him. We solely see work as a constraint because we spend time on what God didn’t tell us to do. We see in work a way to satisfy wealthy and personal needs but it’s nothing about it.

We really have to let our passion lead us to our profession. And if we don’t feel passionate about something, we should dig in our purpose. We should use all the gifts and talents the Almighty gives us to serve others for His glory.

God just waits that we extend our hands to lead us in the depths of our journey, we have confidence and strength in Him to express our full potential.

Who inspires you ? The model by excellence is Jesus-Christ, for His whole life. It’s obvious. But in addition of Jesus, which person gives you advices and lessons , makes you vibrate, keep your head held high to pursuit your dreams through his charism, his vision, his eloquence, his course? There can be so many reasons.The role model is essential to boast our creativity and determination. We should choose them wisely, not just to follow the movement but after understanding our inner self.

We should seek a whole life as a single person, for sure-think of ourselves first, learn to stay alone and build ourselves by our own-. But we can’t rebuke the power of pair, the power of a group, the efficiency in the achievement. I really have chills today while admiring the 4000 women of the North-West region joined together with others to sing aloud « we are one ». It’s a strong symbolic of unity of our country and further of all Cameroonian and worldwide women.

Let us seek and focus on our Heaven purpose, find true models and mentors, stand for each other. It’s the road of success, real success-impact somebody, impact the world-. Women will be more inspired and ready to dare.

It’s the only way to make men believe that we aren’t the weak sex, we have our words to say in the necessary partnership for effective development. I will end with this quote of Michelle OBAMA: « Women must stand for themselves; women must stand for each other ».

Learn everyday

People with headphones, scanning social media, interrupted discussions. This story is a classic. We call us the high-tech generation, the head down generation.

Instagram to look pictures and videos, Snapchat to stay tuned with others life, Twitter to see instant posts, WhatsApp and Facebook to discuss freely with our friends and family in particular those who live overseas. You can complete the list.

Having subscribed and further being active on social media looks like a luxury, a supreme fact, a criterion of judgement. I recently decide to download gradually Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. People around me were impressed by the lateness of my decision and welcome me in the « modern world ».

I can’t hide that I was lost the first days and really impatient to feel at ease in this common movement. Time goes by and a question still tapping my mind and you guys must answer it personally. What have you gained since your insertion in this fictive world ? Friends? Popularity? Knowledge? Gossiping? Information ?

Paulo Coelho brilliantly says that a life without a cause is a life without effect. Keep in mind your purpose when spending your days on social media. Your actions and interactions are certainly source of entertainment but entertainment can dock with growth.

Spiritual growth by discovering and sharing the Word of God on apps such as Bible (Holy Bible), subscribing to amazing Youtube channels like Transformation Church , Above Inspiration and TD Jakes, following Pastors and men of God.

Personal growth by reading e-books, listening to TED X, following consistent pages , channels, positive influent people.

The third branch and not the least skills growth. It consists in following people who can help you to discover/develop your passions, discuss with people who share your ideologies, causes, struggles according to your purpose, your aim in life.

Optimise the time you spend on social media to develop your mind, your soul, your inner self. Learn not necessarily more but better. May today be the start of a new journey.

Fight of the soul

Laying down in the bed
Trying to look into the stars
Hands in the trousers
With the mind in fire

Questions are the alarms
Music the arm
Reading the din
TED X screaming

People around are bruising
Birds are flying
Time is passing by
And she is learning

The only thing to admire is the soul
Her rebellious soul
Aspiring to bloom
Keep on shouting beautiful soul…